Libra Natural Therapy


The business name, Libra Natural Therapy, was conceived from the fact that Libra is my zodiac birth sign. However, the concept arrived from the inspiration of three separate ideas; my Birth sign, the time of year that the business was launched and the idea that I have always practiced my life incorporating balance as the key to success of all things. Libra symbolizes balance in the same way that so many things in life seem to maintain continuity and efficiency.


full-bodhi inc., the corporation that runs Libra, was named by virtue of the term "full body massage" and uses the Sanskrit word “bodhi” to incorporate a more meaningful play on words. “bodhi” in Sanskrit is often translated as “enlightenment”.

We invite you to relax, unwind and enjoy your therapeutic experience as we begin to achieve balance through the spirit of complete enlightenment found through the art of massage and other Natural Therapies.


dennis garrity